Cost-saving outage communications and works management solutions for utilities, trusted globally


With decades of utility experience and technical know-how, we’ve created configurable, easy-to-use outage communications and works management software solutions specifically for utilities. Our products reduce costs, streamline operations and let your team focus on the important stuff when an outage occurs or network maintenance is needed.

OOM Data is a trusted partner of utility companies around the world, operating in regulated and deregulated markets of all sizes.


When the power goes out and the avalanche of calls begins, you need to manage every call, and get accurate information to customers quickly and efficiently across all communications channels – without tying up vital resources, and without delay. 

Operating core lines infrastructure is a 24/7 job, every day of the year. Anything can happen at any time of the day and night. When it does, we need to keep our customers informed. Avalanche has proven indispensable .

Alpine Energy
Andrew Tombs, CEO


Keeping the network running smoothly and efficiently is your top priority. You need seamless Outage and Operations management so that field crews or contractors can get the job done safely and efficiently.  

Katana was easily the best-fit system for Aurora and had a proven track record. It was a stand-alone system… requiring no input from other packages. It was independent, integrated, self-reliant and highly configurable. 

TasNetworks (formerly Aurora Energy )
Wayne Breen, Quality and Business Improvement Manager