Avalanche v8.3.5 and new outage mobile apps for utilities

Updated: Oct 6

OOM Data, specialists in utility operations management solutions are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Avalanche Outage Communications Platform. 

TVD , specialists in Utility  operations management solutions are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Avalanche Outage Communications Platform. This release also includes the very latest mobile tools for utilities to manage the collection of outage information and providing outage information via multiple channels.

Internet Fault Site (“IFS”) – has been completely re-written and is now fully responsive for mobile users and employs a modern push architecture to ensure immediate updates.

Avalanche Outage Reporter (“AOR”) – The Outage Reporter mobile web app has been completely re-written providing a more intuitive interface to report outages, and show the status of supply in areas of saved locations.

In answer to questions about the difference between responsive web apps and downloaded apps, ie those which you get from the Apple App Store or Google Play, this Blog post may be of interest.

In addition to work on IFS and AOR we have made a number of additional improvements ;

  • Updated user defined  templates for Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Improved flexibility for notifications of one-off self registered customers (via IFS) on partial restoration for outages.
  • A new free form SMS creation facility to allow controllers to send individuals or groups of recipients TXT messages, and have those fully audit logged and recorded.
  • Improvements to the use of severity groups for grouping notifications against a node (ZSub, Feeder, recloser) and the extent/severity of the outage.
  • Improved auditing and security interaction.
  • As the expanded introduction of sectionalisers has increased the granularity of the network we have added additional support for searching for a node, and improved support for nodes feeding multiple regions.
  • Numerous system improvements for reporting and management and overall performance.
  • Addition of a new Status dashboard reflecting the status of various parts of the SaaS environment to provide greater transparency for customer support and notifications.

Avalanche now includes over 10 different channels through which utility customers can receive outage information. These range from traditional call answering, messaging, and processing, to modern channels via social media, and now new mobile optimized web apps. All designed specifically for Utilities managing information requirements for planned and unplanned outages.

We have an exciting road map and investments in Avalanche during 2016 with a new version (v8.4) of Outage Oracle to be released shortly that will provide even greater flexibility for outage call messaging and processing. SCADA Monitor and other modules have releases scheduled for October.

Support and Corporate contact details are on our website. 

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