Avalanche has standard features suited to utilities globally, with optional features available on request

Standard Features

0800 or existing fault number: targeted outage call handling for over 2,000 callers per minute

  • Incoming calls grouped into geographical regions and messaged with  targeted outage information–resulting in 80-90% hang up rate with call purpose satisfied before calls hit your PABX.
  • Every call answered within 2-3 rings and processed individually.
  • Audio message library for your entire network studio-recorded and mastered by professional voice talent, using proven scripts and standards.
  • Messages available to callers within 2-3 seconds of upload by dispatchers, or a SCADA breaker trip.
  • No change required to existing telephone numbers.

Outage Oracle: call prioritisation and queueing

  • Provides enhanced intelligent caller management and call queueing to avoid PABX overload.
  • Prioritises callers with information to help restore supply faster, or with an emergency.
  • Callers will never receive busy tone or be disconnected due to congestion.
  • Includes auto-txt function that automatically identifies smartphone callers and provides alternative self-help options.
  • Intelligent call routing easily enables a third-party call centre to be used for overflow, or redirection of calls to the customer’s retailer.

Email notifications

  • Immediately deliver emails in HTML or text format using standard or customised templates.
  • Include all outage details by region, locality, feeder or whole network.
  • Include links to internet fault site and outage reporter and custom text for each recipient (see below).

Txt (SMS) notifications

  • Immediately deliver txt (SMS) messages directly to pre-set cell phones.
  • Templates enable full configuration of parts of network, time of day and specific information to be sent.
  • Includes freeform SMS facility enabling operators to bulk txt stakeholders with critical information.

Twitter updates

  • Automatically update outage Twitter feed using configurable templates.

Facebook updates

  • Automatically update your Facebook page with latest information on loss of supply or planned outages.

Client self-management web portal

  • Web portal enables your major clients to self-manage their notifications, including contact details, times to receive notifications and logs of notifications sent.
  • Reduces time your staff spend on client management.
  • Simplifies management of people you wish to inform about planned and unplanned outages.

Internet fault site (Responsive mobile and PC web app)

  • Web app provides customers and other stakeholders with a real time view of current and planned outages.
  • Includes optional ‘what to do’ section.
  • Perfect for keeping key account managers, the media and others directly informed.
  • Site is responsive (automatically changes format for desktop or smartphone views).
  • Enables customers with smartphones to report power outages at predefined locations.
  • Connects to the Avalanche server and allows public to view supply status
  • View app (best using a smartphone) here.

HTTP post/get web service

  • Provide immediate outage information for other systems, including major client intranets, using a common and reliable internet protocol.Full maintenance and configuration access
  • It’s your system! You have full control over management and configuration. You can change, update and delete any communications channels or content, and add, remove or edit recipients and users.

Optional Features :

TXT back (two-way SMS)

  • Enables customers to txt their post or zip code to your long or short code number and receive a txt back with information about outages in the area.

SCADA integration

  • A direct feed from SCADA for breaker trips and auto-reclose allows immediate automated notification of outages to be despatched across all channels simultaneously, within 20 seconds of a breaker trip!
  • Simple configuration for fully automated message creation and despatch, or one-click operator confirmation.

Book a demonstration

Ask about country-specific Avalanche packages that exist for call handing and text messaging. Book a 60-minute interactive online demonstration via Zoom or Teams.