Make the complex job of maintaining your network seamless, safe, efficient and compliant


What is it?

Katana is all about data – assembled from multiple sources and presented in a choice of formats – so you can make informed operational decisions and your field crews or third-party contractors always know where their priorities lie. 

Katana is a comprehensive ERP grade suite of software tools for utility staff to view network status, manage network operations and oversee field crews or performance-based works contracts. 

Katana delivers significant cost savings by integrating disparate data sources to improve operational decision-making.

It’s automating Works Order (WO) processing, and reporting in real time to ensure decisions generate sustainable improvements. 

Katana dovetails with existing infrastructure, such as GIS, Asset Management, MDMS, and SCADA.

It supports both i ntegrated retailer-distribution models and stand-alone network owner/manager models such as those found in deregulated markets.

What does it do?

Katana draws together diverse information in real time from across your network and presents 

it in a range of user-defined formats – from maps and line diagrams, to tables, graphs

and colour-coded grids. You see exactly what you need to see, in a format that works for you.

With this comprehensive information at your fingertips, you can make quick and effective decisions about  issues affecting the network. You can figure out where your field resources need to be, what work needs to be done, and at what times, to ensure operations are optimised and any problems are quickly resolved.

You can generate WOs, allocate them, and manage them to fulfilment, ensuring work is done safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and in compliance with all contracted KPIs. Katana is designed to help you avoid contract hassles and improve service delivery to your customers and stakeholders.

At the same time, Katana logs all relevant information about every operational job you undertake. With its unique data-driven feeder-to-meter connectivity model, it automatically generates SAIDI, CAIDI and SAIFI calculations and reports, retailer notifications, and key or sensitive client management information including compliance reports. Internal and external audit trails are simple and transparent. 

Katana is a modular system. Different module packages are available for networks and contractors:

"Independent, integrated, self-reliant and highly configurable."

Aurora Energy (New Zealand)

Standard Features

The dashboard is a highly configurable display that can be projected onto a wall or viewed on screen. It shows all key network status indicators as easy-to-read graphs. The dashboard supports both the Katana Networks and Katana Works packages.

OOM Data provides all services needed to seamlessly integrate and fully implement Katana, or selected modules, into your existing facilities such as SCADA and GIS. We connect for integration purposes via CSV/FTP, web services and HTTP. 

Configurable, proactive management-of-work and other alerts advise dispatchers of pending issues. Notifications and alarms can be set for SLA breaches, pending time expiry, failure of crew to report in, and any combination of workflow-related issues. 

Katana enables simple tracking and verification of workflow and contractual obligations (for example, contractor response time following despatch of a WO). This enables bottlenecks in processes or resources to be eliminated before they become contractual issues. 

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